So you’ve already got miles and points stored up — now what?

Often, using miles and points that you’ve worked hard to accrue can be difficult to redeem, especially on some airlines and hotels. But you have that dream vacation in mind, and you want to cash in your points — so why stress out about it?

Let Carpe Points help you use your miles best.

With years of travel experience, Carpe Points can help find the best route to get from Point A to Point B — in style — using the fewest number of miles and points.

Combined, our team has flown hundreds of thousands of miles on scores of different airlines — many of which have been flown for less than a few hundred dollars. For instance, San Diego to Berlin (in business class) for $27 or San Diego to Hawaii, last minute, for $10. We have plenty more examples of flying on the cheap — whether it’s in coach, business, or even international first class.

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to get from Point A to Point B, and there’s a good chance one of us has flown there, stayed there, left there, or hope to never go back there. And while we’re not travel agents, we’ve actually been to a lot of these places.

How much is this going to cost me?

When you engage with us to help you book your flight, we’ll present you with a few different options for the destination of your choice. Sometimes, though, it’s not possible to use miles or points to fly to or stay at the location you really want to go; it’s the downside of using points. But when you come to us, we’ll help you find the best solution for your buck.

What we guarantee you:

  • Your satisfaction, first and foremost. If you’re not happy with what you receive, you don’t pay.
  • We will find you a way to get to your destination, as cheap as possible, using miles/points and cash, if necessary.
  • A customized plan for you (and your traveling companions, if booked).
  • Our availability in case things go wrong, to help you sort out any travel-related trouble that goes your way.

What we cannot guarantee you:

  • Availability on the exact flight(s) you want to be on.
  • That your upgrade will clear.
  • That you can sit in First Class.
  • Things out of our control, like airline delays, flight cancellations, or wars (“Acts of God”). But if something comes up, we’ll be there for you to help you out.

But gosh darnit, we’re going to try our best to get you from Point A to Point(s) B, C, D and on!


For $100 per person/itinerary, we’ll present you different options for your international flight from anywhere, to anywhere. If it’s simply not doable with what you have, we’ll find another strategy to get you to where you need to go. And while $100 may seem a bit much, we’re handling all the research, points advice, assistance, and more. Plus, many airlines charge “fuel surcharges” and other fees — and we’ll make sure that you pay the least amount as possible for your destination, often for a fraction of the fees and surcharges that you might otherwise pay.

U.S. Domestic

For $60 per person/itinerary, we’ll do the exact same for you within the United States.

Mileage Accrual Consultation and Instruction

If you’re just getting started in the business of earning points and miles on everyday expenses, let Carpe Points and Mile By Mile Travel help you find the fastest and most lucrative ways to accrue, manage, then spend them. We offer individual and group training sessions, or we can personalize a course to meet your specific travel desires. Instructional items, reference material, and a helpful starter kit are provided to all attendees, so you can keep on earning those points and miles long after you’ve taken off to your first paid-for destination. Use the contact form below to request more information or to meet with a consultant in the San Diego area.

Contact us and receive a response within 24 hours. No commitment. We promise!

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