South Africa to Miami on British Airways with Avios? A few options

Recently, one of our readers from South Africa contacted us with a question about using British Airways Avios to fly from Johannesburg to Miami in December, and hoped to avoid wintry London in the process.

British Airways Avios is the currency for frequent flier points on British Airways and Iberia; they may also be used to fly on other airlines in the Oneworld alliance, including American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, JAL, Qantas, and more.

The path of least resistance is almost always using the airline of the frequent flier currency you’ve got. In this case, British Airways – and the shortest pathway from South Africa to North America is a westbound route.

With that in mind, Johannesburg-London-Miami is the most logical route – but if our object is to avoid London, that strikes that idea out.

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Maximizing hotel points on the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas is home to scores of luxury hotels up and down the strip, but up until recently, there was little to no connection to any major outside-Vegas hotel chains. For many, this meant that the status earned from loyalty to hotel chains outside of Vegas didn’t matter – there was no way to take advantage of this. Luckily now, there are a now few ways to take advantage of – and earn points with – loyalty to some of the major brands. Some of the major chains have had hotels off the strip – but for many who visit Sin City, being on the strip is a requirement.

In particular, MGM’s loyalty program Mlife recently partnered with Hyatt, bringing the benefits associated with Hyatt to 12 resorts in Vegas, and a few other MGM hotels scattered across the country.

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Free one-day Amazon shipping with Citi cards

It’s not exactly travel-related — but for those of us who love to earn something for nothing, Amazon is currently running a promotion for free one-day shipping when you use an “eligible” Citi card and when you buy “eligible” products.

The details are on this page, but it boils down to this:

1) Buy an eligible product (see their page for info)
2) enter promo code CITIFS13 when checking out
3) select one-day shipping.

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Ten reasons why San Diego International Airport’s new Terminal 2 is awesome

On Tuesday, August 13, San Diego International Airport officially opens the expansion of Terminal 2, the largest project that the airport has ever taken on. But why does it matter? So what, right?

Here are ten good reasons why you might want to arrive early, hungry, and ready to explore The Green Build, the airport’s new Terminal 2.

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Want TSA PreCheck? Spend the extra $15 for Global Entry and get more.

Just recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it will soon allow anyone to become a member of PreCheck through an expansion of the service, which allows you to go through airport security at 40 airports nationwide without taking off your shoes, removing your 3-1-1 bag, taking off your belt and is a much faster process. For $85 for five years, it seems like a great deal – but in reality, don’t: for $15 more, you get way, way so much more.

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Free Car2Go registration and 30 minutes of drive time; will save you money

Car2Go is one of my favorite things about modern living in some of the urban areas of San Diego, and I have actually saved a good deal of money driving one of them instead of my “real” car or using a taxi. Normally, there’s a registration fee of $35, which covers their cost of running your driver’s license background check, mailing the membership card, and more — but to promote the service’s entry into the southern San Diego city of Chula Vista, they’re waiving the $35 fee and giving new members 30 minutes of drive time.

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United Airlines’ and Marriott’s loyalty reward programs now have reciprocal benefits

Today, United Airlines and Marriott announced a deal where frequent fliers or frequent hotel guests will have significant benefits with the other after registering with either one of the companies. United Gold and above automatically become Marriott Gold, and Marriott Platinum become United Silver – potentially bringing significant added benefits to hotel stays, like free Wi-Fi, lounge access, bonus miles, and more.

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