Looking back at 2014: The White House and more

2014 was a different year compared to the last. Now, while most years are, 2013 was a crazy year – I flew a lot. 82,376 miles a lot. But, alas, this year was much less interesting and less traveled – pretty much all if it was “all work and no play,” meaning there were no wild and crazy trips to Dubai, Hawaii, or anything else like there was the year before.


29,678 miles flown this year — much of it on award miles – but a far cry from trips the year before.

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Mileage running to Dubai: it’s a sickness

In just over a month, I’ll be heading to Dubai, UAE for the Dubai Air Show. I’m really excited to be traveling out there (not to mention it was a really good deal), because I’ve never been to Dubai, and the air show is rumored to be pretty awesome. For just a little over $700, I’m flying out of LAX to Dubai — but the trouble is that I live in San Diego. How will I get there? Drive? Train? Nope. Looks like I’m flying San Diego to LAX…via Orlando.


November’s Dubai trip is looking like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I still don’t have a whole lot planned yet (including where I’m going to stay), but I’m excited nevertheless to be heading there. When it’s all said and done, I’ll have earned 18,714 base miles from flying for 20 or so hours each way, plus another 18,714 miles because of my status with United. What does that mean? 37,428 miles by the time I get home, or more than enough for one-way saver flight to London from San Diego.

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Headed to LA or LAX from San Diego? Give Amtrak a try

A short while ago I decided to take a weekend trip to LA to visit a friend and do a little sightseeing. Until then, I’d only ever driven to LA. If you’ve ever done the drive, you know it’s not a pleasant experience. Refusing to torture myself yet again with a four-hour Friday afternoon drive – in a car with manual transmission, no less – I immediately explored other options for heading north; I could hop on a flight from San Diego or Carlsbad at a wallet-emptying $300-400, or I could check out the oft-overlooked travel beast-of-burden known as Amtrak. At $74 round trip on the train, it was a pretty easy choice.

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Welcoming United’s Boeing 787 Dreamliner Back Into Service

On Sunday, I set out on a journey spanning one hotel, two days, three cities, four flights and 787 reasons why it was amazing.

On Monday, May 20 — coincidentally the same day that Charles Lindbergh also took flight nearly 100 years prior — United Airlines became the first US airline to bring the Boeing 787 Dreamliner back into the skies, and I was determined to be on that flight.

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