The value of being honest when asked “How was your stay?”

Recently, when I stayed at the Westin Los Angeles Airport hotel for LAX Appreciation Day, I had almost no hot water when I woke up in the morning. Although I didn’t expect to be compensated for this, I mentioned it to the hotel’s staff when I checked out, and not only received an apology (which is often enough for me), but the hotel team member also comped my parking — $25 per night.

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Reader question: How can I actually use my British Airways Avios points?

From our Facebook page, one of our readers asked a question about using his British Airways Avios points for travel from San Diego to Istanbul:

I can NOT book BA round trip Club World from San Diego to Istanbul on the dates I want (or almost anytime it is not freezing) but even if I could, I would need to pay $1200+ in fees. Or I can just pay the same amount to United for an excellent one-stop round trip flight on the days I actually want, and earn United points (my airline of choice). What is going on out there? Why can’t I find any seats?

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Next time you’re not sure about booking a flight, cancel it with 24 hours for free

Not sure about whether a flight you want to take is going to work out, but scared that the flight might increase in price? Book it anyways – by law, you generally have 24 hours to cancel the flight after you book it for a full refund.

Many of us have all had some point in time where we want to book a flight, but we’re hesitant because we’re not sure about our travel plans, or because something might come up in the next day or two. Combined with playing the game of “will the price go up if I don’t book?”, a federal law — effective January 24, 2012 (last year) — gives you the protection to get a full refund if you need to change or cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it.

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Thinking about taking a cruise? Next time, book it through…an airline?

Are you one of those people who likes to go on cruises? Many are – 14.3 million people cruised in 2010, up a million from the previous year. Personally, I’m not one of those people — but you may be. So when you decide to float on for a romantic vacation — or a week on a ship with your kids — did you know that you can earn airline miles for taking that cruise? Some airlines offer better deals than others, so if you’re in the market for an adventure on the oceans, it may behoove you to do some research.

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Make Your Long Layover Its Own Vacation –
Make It A Laycation

A while ago, Dave wrote about how he got to Europe for under $30. In business class, no less. Color me jealous. Unfortunately, I’m not as quick with my mileage accrual as is Dave (no miles-earning credit cards in my wallet), so I have to pay a fair bit more for my trans-oceanic journeys. There’s a positive in all this low-fare hunting, though; in my attempts to save money, sometimes I get to finagle two vacations into one. All that’s required is a little flexibility in your schedule and a tiny sense of adventure.

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