Love TSA PreCheck? Hate the line? Make sure you know this one trick.

It’s almost New Years, meaning the chaos of travel is either about to start back up (for business travelers) or about to end (for holiday vacationers). But for everyone traveling during any busy season, there’s always one thing that bites – going through security.

If you have TSA PreCheck, you know it’s the best thing to happen to airport security ever. But, because of PreCheck’s popularity, sometimes the dedicated line can be HUGE! Sometimes the PreCheck lines can even be longer than the normal lines!

Fortunately, if you have any status with the airline you’re flying, you’ll also see a line for First Class passengers (to which having airline status will usually grant you access), even if you’re not flying in First Class.

But – which line should you go through? First class will most likely be shorter, but PreCheck will obviously be easier because PreCheck.

The right answer: Go through the First Class security line (again, even if you aren’t flying in First Class).

If you have TSA PreCheck, you can usually just go through the First Class or status lines, and the kind TSA human will shuffle you over to the PreCheck line.

I’ve done this countless times now at half a dozen airports over the years since PreCheck was implemented, and it’s worked without fail. If you have PreCheck and you have status, always go through the First Class or status security line.

Update: This PreCheck trick didn’t work for one user (see comments) at Newark. But in my experience, I’ve never had an issue at a multitude of airports. Happy hunting!

Another update: I got word that it doesn’t work at Orlando on the gates 70-129 side as recently as last week. I have used this trick there before, but this was some time ago and not on the part of the airport.

Southwest Airlines joins TSA PreCheck

Just recently, Southwest Airlines became the latest airline to join TSA PreCheck, the program that – after paying a fee, passing a background check and an interview – allows you to go through a shorter line without having to take off your shoes, take out your liquids, and doesn’t require you to go through advanced imaging scanners (aka “nude-o-scopes”).

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It’s finally here: TSA PreCheck comes to San Diego International Airport

For those of us who fly through San Diego, there are a bunch of great things about the new Terminal 2. But one thing was missing: TSA PreCheck, the VERY worthwhile service which allows you to go through airport security without taking your shoes off, belt off, laptop out, liquids out and is pretty much like pre-9/11 security. Well, it’s now finally in place (despite the government shutdown)!

As posted earlier, PreCheck is worth its weight in gold, and by signing up for U.S. Customs’ partner program called Global Entry, you can use PreCheck – which has seriously saved me hours waiting in line at airports around the country.

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Want TSA PreCheck? Spend the extra $15 for Global Entry and get more.

Just recently, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it will soon allow anyone to become a member of PreCheck through an expansion of the service, which allows you to go through airport security at 40 airports nationwide without taking off your shoes, removing your 3-1-1 bag, taking off your belt and is a much faster process. For $85 for five years, it seems like a great deal – but in reality, don’t: for $15 more, you get way, way so much more.

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Car2Go is one of my favorite things about modern living in some of the urban areas of San Diego, and I have actually saved a good deal of money driving one of them instead of my “real” car or using a taxi. Normally, there’s a registration fee of $35, which covers their cost of running your driver’s license background check, mailing the membership card, and more — but to promote the service’s entry into the southern San Diego city of Chula Vista, they’re waiving the $35 fee and giving new members 30 minutes of drive time.

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