Carpe Points (Latin-ish for Seize the Points) is the place to go to learn from travel experts on the best way to earn and spend your airline miles, hotel points, and more. Sometimes, you do actually have to pay to travel — because you can’t always fly on miles — so we’ll help you make the most of the money you have to spend.

Of course, getting there is only a part of the fun (more so for some of us than others), so we even have suggestions on places to try in some of our favorite locales.

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Our regular contributors

About Dave

Dave McCulloch

I’m Dave. I’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, but always excited to come home to San Diego. By day, I’m a digital marketing and communications pro, and by night I’m often found planning my next trip. I’m vice chair of the Hillcrest Town Council and also involved in many local civic projects.

Email me: dave [ at ] davemcculloch dot com

About Adam


Adam’s travelled the world, partly thanks to Uncle Sam, but mostly due to him being a bit of a polyglot and having a nay-incurable drive to see new places. He’s got oodles of experience with airlines, air travel, hotels, distant ports of call you’ve never heard of, and the strange food to go along with it. You name it, he’s probably been there, done that, and probably got the t-shirt, too. Questions about point accrual and spending? Feel free to give him a shout.

About Matt


Matt is our newest contributor, bringing real airline industry experience to Carpe Points. Having traveled all over the world on a moment’s notice, Matt’s been to more locations than you can shake a stick at.