Looking back at 2014: The White House and more

2014 was a different year compared to the last. Now, while most years are, 2013 was a crazy year – I flew a lot. 82,376 miles a lot. But, alas, this year was much less interesting and less traveled – pretty much all if it was “all work and no play,” meaning there were no wild and crazy trips to Dubai, Hawaii, or anything else like there was the year before.


29,678 miles flown this year — much of it on award miles – but a far cry from trips the year before.


Compared to last year…

But I think the trip of the year happened to coincide with one of many work trips to DC — in which I got an invitation to the White House for a reception of the French President, François Hollande. It’s my personal belief that it’s an honor to receive such an invitation from any president (although I was probably one of a thousand who similarly received it.)

And then there were other times I was in DC, all for work:

This is my "serious" look

This is my “serious” look

I also got an opportunity to visit Kansas City, Tampa, and Orlando this year — all together for less than $20 (praise be to airline miles!)

It was kinda fun to be driven around the back roads of rural Missouri.

It was kinda fun to be driven around the back roads of rural Missouri.

Landing in Tampa, FL

But what about 2015? Will there be as much — or more — travel? There’s some big stuff coming down the pipeline, including a good chance I’ll be leaving my home of sunny San Diego for big opportunities elsewhere.

What’s next? Bring it on.



Happy 2015-