Is TSA planning to ban carry-on bags and electronics on airplanes?

There’s a laundry list of things you can’t bring on an airplane when you travel. But could carry-on bags and electronics like laptops and iPads be next on the list?

After some “chatter” from U.K. intelligence, U.S. counter-terrorism officials have discussed a possible ban on carry-on items, meaning while you sit in a metal tube for hours, you’ll have no iPhone. No laptop. No tablet. At least, that’s according to a new report from NPR.

U.K. officials are also considering such a ban, which would likely devastate the airlines’ customer satisfaction – which are already to a certain degree nonexistent.

But will TSA be brazen enough to do something like that? I doubt it – but you never know.

Asked for comment about it, TSA gave their usual non-answer answer: “DHS will continue to adjust its security measures to ensure the highest levels of aviation security without unnecessary disruption to travelers.”

Could you imagine not being able to bring anything on a plane? Or being forced to check your laptop – and your cell phone? It certainly would be a boon for U.S. airlines who make a fortune off checked-baggage fees — $3.3 billion to be exact – but at what cost?

What do you think? Could there be a chance that TSA would require EVERYTHING to be checked, or is that just crazy to think?

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