4 ways to make sure your phone comes home with you

Just recently, Department of Homeland Security issued a new edict to certain airports – if your cell phone doesn’t turn on while you go through security, it won’t be allowed through. Allegedly, it’s to help combat terrorism – but you can form your own opinions on that.

So, as someone who travels frequently and frequently finds himself in airports, airplanes and Metro trains without a place to plug in, what’s a guy to do?

4) Don’t let your phone get low

It’s easier said than done – that’s for sure – and if it weren’t a problem, you wouldn’t be reading this. But knowing that your cell phone could end up staying in a foreign country while you fly home might give you cause to ensure it’s got enough of a charge to turn on before you head through security.

3) Plug it into your laptop for a quick charge

Did you know you can plug your phone into your laptop for a quick charge? Yes indeed – and when you do for a few minutes, it could mean the difference between leaving your phone back abroad. While you’re waiting in line to get to the security screening area, you may have enough time for a quick power-up.

2) Grab a drink before your flight

Many bars and coffee shops have places to plug in. If you’ve got a few minutes before you need to be at the airport, buy yourself a beverage and and ask your barista/bartender if you can plug in for a minute. Also, relax.

1) Invest in a juice pack

There are a ton of devices these days that either attaches directly to a phone to add an additional charge on the go, or plug in to the phone to provide additional power to a phone and a tablet, for instance. Frankly, these are all life savers.

I couldn’t live without my Mophie pack. I’m not saying that Apple can’t make a phone that lasts all day, I’m just saying that I use my phone. A lot – and really depend on it for everything.

So, as my battery gets low, I flip the switch on the back of my phone and fill it up again with a charge. Plus, it uses a micro-USB cord to charge instead of that pesky iPhone lightning cord – meaning it becomes really cheap to buy additional chargers. Same goes for Samsung devices.

The downside? It makes my phone significantly larger. I don’t care that much, but it could be a consideration for some people.

If that’s a dealbreaker, then the next best thing: a juice box which allows you to plug in one or more devices into it. The upside? It doesn’t bulk up your phone. The downside? You have to carry another thing around with you.

Either way, juice packs and juice boxes are both great solutions.

PS: If you don’t have Find My iPhone turned on, you really should.

Do you have other solutions to keeping your phone’s battery charged? It’s never been an issue as far as security goes until now – but with today’s ever-changing security requirements, travelers have to quickly become accustomed to new rules and regulations.

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