Southwest Airlines joins TSA PreCheck

Just recently, Southwest Airlines became the latest airline to join TSA PreCheck, the program that – after paying a fee, passing a background check and an interview – allows you to go through a shorter line without having to take off your shoes, take out your liquids, and doesn’t require you to go through advanced imaging scanners (aka “nude-o-scopes”).

Although it’s unclear as to which airports now have PreCheck lines for Southwest Airlines (the airline claims it’s now in 64 airports), it would behoove you to add your Known Traveler Number to your profile before you fly Southwest next time.

On a side note, Baltimore-Washington (BWI) is definitely on that list of airports with PreCheck lanes for Southwest, as I accidentally went through PreCheck into the wrong terminal last week. Shame on the TSA agent for letting me into the wrong terminal in the first place (Southwest and United do not share terminals and are not connected), but at least we know it’s there.

To add your Known Traveler Number to your Southwest account:

Log in and click My Account:


Click My Preferences


Contact Information


And add your KTN



There you go — and if you qualify for PreCheck for the flight, you’ll see it on your boarding pass.tsa_precheck_boarding


(Hat tip reader Andrew)