It’s finally here: TSA PreCheck comes to San Diego International Airport

For those of us who fly through San Diego, there are a bunch of great things about the new Terminal 2. But one thing was missing: TSA PreCheck, the VERY worthwhile service which allows you to go through airport security without taking your shoes off, belt off, laptop out, liquids out and is pretty much like pre-9/11 security. Well, it’s now finally in place (despite the government shutdown)!

As posted earlier, PreCheck is worth its weight in gold, and by signing up for U.S. Customs’ partner program called Global Entry, you can use PreCheck – which has seriously saved me hours waiting in line at airports around the country.

How to sign up

If you’re a frequent flier, your airline (United, Delta) may even give you access to the program for free – but if you’re not, it’s a mere $100, and after an interview with a Customs official, you’re cleared to use these expedited lanes. Additionally, American Express Platinum Cardmembers are credited the $100, making it free for them, as well.

PreCheck is also available separately for $85 through TSA, but for $15 more, Global Entry allows you to skip often-huge lines when returning into the United States from abroad and use easy automated kiosks. And let me tell you, that $15 is worth it when you try to return from overseas and you’re behind 3 super jumbo jets’ worth of passengers.

[button target=”_blank” style=”” class=”” link=””]More about Global Entry from CBP’s site[/button]

Truth be told, the airport’s new Terminal 2 security lines are much better – in fact, I’ve been surprised how quickly one can move through them. But no matter how short the line, you still have to take off your belt, shoes, and other accouterment – and with TSA PreCheck, that’s a thing of the past.


The ‘normal’ security line at San Diego Airport’s Terminal 2 today. The PreCheck line (below) was almost empty.


For those of us who fly often, San Diego’s Lindbergh Field is now officially amongst the ranks of “big kid” airports with the introduction of PreCheck.




I couldn’t be happier.