Filed Under Obvious: FAA Says Electronic Devices Are Safe On Aircraft

This morning, the FAA announced some big news: personal electronic devices – as long as they’re in airplane mode – are indeed safe to be used during all portions of flight. Also, duh.

For years, average humans have wondered why our phones allegedly are a safety issue during takeoff and landing. In fact, there’s been plenty of humor about it.

But these rules don’t change immediately. In fact, each carrier has to prove to the FAA that they’re ready for these electronic devices.

“[M]any carriers will prove to the FAA that their planes allow passengers to safely use their devices in airplane mode, gate-to-gate, by the end of the year,” said a statement from the FAA.

Further, “each airline will determine how and when this will happen,” FAA administrator Michael Huerta said in a Thursday morning press conference at Washington Reagan National Airport.

For those worried that you’ll have to deal with a chatterer on your 5-hour transcontinental flight, don’t worry: talking on your cell phone (or using it with airplane mode turned off) will still be against FAA regulations.

This news couldn’t come soon enough. I mean, the TSA’s worried about you having more than 3oz of liquid…yet let you onboard with a cell phone that, up until today, was thought to be somehow dangerous by the government? Clearly something was missing.

Will the airlines be in any hurry to “prove” to the FAA that their aircraft are ready? Who knows. Certainly, I won’t be complaining if they made it fast – I’ve got posts to write and games to play, gate-to-gate!

Now, if all aircraft had onboard WiFi…


Immediately after this news was released, Delta and JetBlue announced that they filed documentation with the FAA to allow personal electronic devices to be used during all phases of flight. According to CNN, both carriers had representatives on the FAA advisory panel.”

Given this, we may see these changes take effect sooner than later.