Free one-day Amazon shipping with Citi cards

It’s not exactly travel-related — but for those of us who love to earn something for nothing, Amazon is currently running a promotion for free one-day shipping when you use an “eligible” Citi card and when you buy “eligible” products.

The details are on this page, but it boils down to this:

1) Buy an eligible product (see their page for info)
2) enter promo code CITIFS13 when checking out
3) select one-day shipping.

When you use an “eligible” card, ostensibly they waive the fee before finalizing the order. Oddly, the deal page doesn’t specify which Citi cards are eligible, so your results may vary — but I’d guess it applies to almost all credit cards. There’s also no indication how long this promo will last, so order up!

If you’re like me and use Amazon Prime, one-day shipping is typically only $3.99, making this not a big deal. But if it means I can save $3.99, why not?

If you don’t have Amazon Prime, $79 a year is a great deal:


  • Free two-day shipping (and $3.99 next-day shipping) on many items
  • Free streaming of 41,000+ movies and TV shows
  • 350,000 titles available for download on Kindle (available for iPhone, iPad and others, too)


Even if you only buy things from Amazon a few times a year, it’s usually worth it — and if you use my link, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial (disclosure: I am compensated for each trial signup).

Get a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime

Have you used this deal yet? Sound off and comment about your success.