Free Car2Go registration and 30 minutes of drive time; will save you money

Car2Go is one of my favorite things about modern living in some of the urban areas of San Diego, and I have actually saved a good deal of money driving one of them instead of my “real” car or using a taxi. Normally, there’s a registration fee of $35, which covers their cost of running your driver’s license background check, mailing the membership card, and more — but to promote the service’s entry into the southern San Diego city of Chula Vista, they’re waiving the $35 fee and giving new members 30 minutes of drive time.

How Car2Go has saved me money

When I go somewhere in San Diego where I know I may consume alcohol (yes), I do not like to drive, and I don’t need to explain why. Period. So, rather than taking a taxi or Uber to the place and then back home, I’ll take a Car2Go to the restaurant/bar, and then Uber (or UberX) it back home, saving me easily $15.

Going to Little Italy/Downtown

Car2Go ride from my house to Little Italy or downtown: 10 minutes @ 38 cents/min = $3.80

Taxi or Uber ride from my house to Little Italy: $15-$20

Going to/coming from San Diego International Airport

Taxi or Uber ride from my house to San Diego International Airport: $25-30, versus

Car2Go ride from my house to Spanish Landing (across the street from the airport’s Terminal 2): 10 minutes @ 38 cents/min = $3.80

Parking at the airport: $25+ day, versus

Parking a Car2Go across the street from the airport: free

By taking a cab home one-way, I just saved myself anywhere from $13-18 each time. And better, when I go downtown during a Padres game (whether or not I’m going to the game), Car2Go has a valet — they’ll park it for free. Even better!

Car2Go isn’t for everyone, and it doesn’t work in all places in San Diego yet. But it’s saved me time and money, and especially with the $35 registration waived now, it can save you money, too.

Sign up here — and use promo code chulavista0030