Fare deal: LAX-Dubai for around $850

United currently is running a great deal from Los Angeles to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Although there are very few tickets left at this price, we were able to book a flight to the Dubai Air Show in November for $818. A few dates are available in January, as well.


A few dates are available in November for $845.


A few dates are available in January for $818-$873.

Fares at this moment are still in the mid $800s for a few days, but not on the days of the air show at this point.

The value

This fare (at $818) comes out to 4.3-4.4 cents per mile, and 18,714 rountrip base miles. Since the fares are fluctuating, your cent per mileage may vary.

If you’re a member of a Star Alliance (domestically, United or US Airways [for now], Air Canada, Lufthansa, or others) frequent flier program, you may additionally earn 25%-100% more bonus miles on top of that.


Don’t want to fly in coach for 13-15 hours? Upgrades on this (relatively) cheap fare are hard to come by, despite the flights being relatively empty. If you are going to upgrade using miles, it’s 35,000 United miles and a $600 copay.

Whether or not that’s cost effective is for you to decide, but if you value United miles at 3 cents per mile, 35,000 points is worth approximately $1,050 (you can buy those miles from United). Add in the $600 co pay, and you just paid $2,059 for a business-class ticket (each way) to Dubai. But, again, availability is limited, and upgrades are currently waitlisted anyways. Frequent United fliers may have systemwide upgrades available for use, negating the need for a copay or mileage expenditure.

Other Star Alliance members offer upgrades on certain classes of tickets. If you’re a member of another Star Alliance airline’s frequent flier program, check with that airline to apply your miles to upgrading your ticket.

Finding dates for your trip

To find these deals for this flight, use ITA Software Matrix to find the deal, or alternatively, on United’s site.

Dubai skyline image graciously provided by reader jarofjous.

Hat tip The Flight Deal.

(Random note: the actual ticket price is only ~$299, but a United “international surcharge” of $422 plus the usual taxes and fees applies)