Fare Deal: Alaska, US Airways, Spirit $232-$294 San Diego – Cabo San Lucas (May)

Alaska Airlines, US Airways and Spirit Airlines are offering low-cost fares from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas in the month of May.

Spirit: $232
Alaska: $280
US Airways: $295

Alaska offers a nonstop flight to Cabo from San Diego, which is convenient for travel. This fare earns 1604 round-trip base miles.


US Airways offers this fare with a connection in Phoenix, but miles earned on this are good for US Airways and the Star Alliance, and is only marginally more expensive. This fare earns 2050 base miles.


Spirit Airlines is by far the cheapest option on this route for this time, but also has major fees for using their airline, including $35 for carrying a bag on-board, or $30 for checking it in — assuming you do it online. Additionally, any points earned on Spirit are only good on Spirit airlines, limiting the number of destinations possible. If you’re not checking a bag for a week in Cabo, this flight may be good for you — otherwise, Alaska and US Airways are perhaps better options.

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