Need a ride to and from San Diego’s airport? Take Car2Go!

Just recently, I was coming home from a trip to Washington, DC, and was trying to figure out how to get home. Do I call someone to pick me up at 10:30pm (it’s a little late)? Do I take a cab (it’s $20), or try to get an Uber to the airport (it’s a pain at the airport and $25)? I suddenly remembered getting an email from Car2Go a few weeks back explaining how they had installed a Car2Go charging station across the street from the airport. Remembering this roughly-$6 option was available, I set out to “walk across the street” – but because of the construction, I discovered it wasn’t going to be just that easy.


Car2Go is one of my favorite newish things about San Diego. The service allows you to pick up one of their Smart Cars anywhere you can find one (an app helps you locate them), drive it anywhere inside the service area, and drop it off. …and when you’re all done, it’s no longer your responsibility – meaning if you know you’re going to go out drinking in Little Italy, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach or downtown one night, a $6 fare (my average from Hillcrest to Little Italy – your, um, mileage will vary) and a taxi ride home is way cheaper than two taxi rides — and is ostensibly faster too.

With the construction going on at the airport in full swing, the process of “walking” across the street to Spanish Landing to pick up a Car2Go is a little…murky. Coupled with the fact that I was exhausted from a marathon trip to Washington, DC, the signage isn’t great for figuring out how to get to Harbor Drive on foot at 10:30pm, making it a bit of a challenge – as I discovered.

Normally, you can just walk from end of Terminal 2 West across the street to Spanish Landing. Piece of cake. Except now, you can’t — as a result of the construction in progress at the airport, the pedestrian path is blocked. At this point, I started to get a little worried this wasn’t going to be a feasible alternative.

After asking a harbor police officer if there was another pedestrian walkway, I learned: go back inside the terminal building, and walk to the very west end, by the escalators to the TSA security checkpoint and go out the doors. You’ll see a sign that instructs you to go out the door, though there is no signage outside that area that suggests how to find this pedestrian pathway.

Okay, got it: walk this way.

Keep walking:

And when you turn the corner, you’ll see this walkway. Go to the end.

But when you get to the end, there’s no signage to direct you to go left around the fence. Before you make fun of me for not seeing something so obvious, bear in mind it was around 10:30pm when I first tried this, and it was quite dark (and spooky) in the area.

The same experience was significantly different during the day.

Once you turn the corner, there’s an obvious sign directing you towards Harbor Drive (and Spanish Landing).

And we’re walking…

And we’re walking…

And here they are! You’ve arrived. I counted upwards of 8 cars in the parking lot, meaning there should be plenty of cars for use.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I know I was excited to find out that my trips to the airport just got cheaper — and, for the friends who have taken me to the airport time after time, I am grateful.